Individualised program for each patient - No two patients are alike. They each have their own backstory, their own addiction problem, and consequently their own road to recovery.

In trying to find the best treatment centre for yourself, it is crucial that you choose one that will tailor the treatment program to meet your specific needs. The Sanctuary Drug Rehabilitation puts a high premium on individualized treatment plans for each patient.

If you suffer from an emotional disorder as well, you need to make sure that the treatment centre will treat both issue simultaneously. If one condition is treated, but the other is not, relapse is very likely. The Sanctuary has a team of psychologists, priests and psychiatrists to ensure emotional wellness is achieved.

You may also want a recovery centre that caters to your specific gender, ethnicity, culture and even age. At the Sanctuary Drug Rehabilitation, we know that when patients are surrounded by people similar to them, they feel more comfortable and are more likely to fully commit themselves to recovery process and thus strive to ensure this is considered strongly in our admission process.

We thoroughly assess each invidual upon admission and then create a custom treatment plan that combines several different methods of treatment. After the evaluation process is complete, we combine different behavioural therapies and services, including medical services, family therapy, individual and group counselling, job training, parenting support, and even social and legal services, if needed.

Twelve-step programs can be very beneficial for patients because they can relyon their faith and help from peers to reach their desired state of soberness.

Willingness to adjust the treatment plan as needed - Even though The Sanctuary Drug Rehabilitation takes time to set up entire treatment plans around our patients, things change. Along the way, we may relize that what we thought would work in the beginning is no longer as effective as it should be. We are always willing to re-evaluate and update our patient's treatment plan to ensure recovery is achieved.

Duration of residential treatment - Science has shown that most patients will need at least 90 days of treatment to achieve the results they desire, some may require less or more. The length of the treatment program will be dependent on the patient's progress. Staying the correct amount of time at The Sanctuary Drug Rehabilitation mean a better outcome.