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Positive outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length, and some people need several months in order to gain a foothold on sobriety. According to the National Institute on Drug and Abuse (NIDA), participation in an addiction rehab program for less than 90 days may be relatively less effective, and treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.

The cost of treatment can seem daunting at first, but nothing is more important than your health and recovery or of your loved ones. Many programs have financing options, such as paying for your rehab stay in installments. They may also offer a sliding scale fee, which means that they reduce the price to something that you can reasonably afford based on your income and the needs of your loved ones.

Initial Assessment fee is from #20,000 to #50,000 includes: urine toxicology, physical examination, medical laboratory tests and psychological assessment. The price differs because at first contact some clients may need more test than others.

Treatment fee is from #200,000 to #300,000 per month and includes: admission, feeding and toiletries. We offer individualized treatment which is tailored to each client’s need and reflects on the cost of each person’s treatment.

Those with co-occurring illnesses usually stay longer than those without co-occurring mental illness and this is one of the reasons we advocate for early intervention as studies have shown that about two out of five substance users may present with co-occurring illness such as schizophrenia or depression.

Aftercare fee goes for #10,000 per month for two years. This fee includes consultation and urine toxicology.